Explain Podast Episode 11 is out!

Explain Podcast moves towards discussing MGI sequencing…and not only. Did you know they have the whole sequencing room available? Fancy!

At the end of each episode, we now release QuickGen, where hosts shortly discuss one term from Genetics. This time it’s about introns and exons!

Let’s keep the conversation going – choose the platform where you like to listen to the episode: https://ngs-cn.de/explain-podcast/

sscirDNA – single stranded circular DNA RCA – rolling circle amplification

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Supported by the West German Genome Center and Next Generation Sequencing Competence Network, we’re dedicated to discuss genomics & transcriptomics tech in the way YOU could understand 🧬💡

🎙️ Recorded at the Multimediazentrum, University of Düsseldorf