Bio Data Science Evening Pitch


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Hello, bio-data enthusiasts, we’re back!

On 13th July, Thursday, we will meet again!

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When? Starting at 17:00

Where? At the O.A.S.E. das Forum des Austauschs at University Hospital Düsseldorf – our favorite spot 🙂

We aim to provide an informal space to meet&network with bio-data colleagues within HHU/UKD.
–> first, we will listen to several bio-data pitches – sign in to present your research!

–> afterwards – pizza & drinks 😊

Take the initiative to engage in real offline communication.
It is the key to finding collaborative opportunities, expanding knowledge, and growing your professional network.

See you soon!

On behalf of the Bio-Data Science Orga-team, Iuliia
>> write to if you have questions-comments-etc.