Explain Podast Episode 10 is out!

Season 2 of the Explain Podcast is out&about – yey! We start by discussing Bionano and Nabsys – curious tech that we’ve classified as…Genome Mapping! At the end of each episode, we now release a new subsection QuickGen, where hosts shortly discuss one term from Genetics. This time it’s about transposons or…JUMPING GENES! Let’s keep… Continue reading Explain Podast Episode 10 is out!

Bio Data Science Evening June

Our on-site Bio Data Science Evenings at University of Düsseldorf are back! 13 June | Thursday | 17:00+ at O.A.S.E. Register here and come meet fellow biodata enthusiasts on-site, learn something new & have a great time together! After the lecture we’ll enjoy networking get-together with pizza&drinks! Organized by the West German Genome Center. Supported… Continue reading Bio Data Science Evening June